Best Ways to Rank Your Business Website on First Page

Best Ways to Rank Your Business Website on First Page

Every competitor in any industry wants to be at the top of Google rankings when a client searches for relevant terms. This is a crucial goal for any o

Every competitor in any industry wants to be at the top of Google rankings when a client searches for relevant terms. This is a crucial goal for any online business or website.

A higher ranking on Google can increase your brand’s or website’s awareness, and attract new customers.

Some search engine optimization specialists have found ways to improve Google’s ranking, even though it is unclear how Google ranks its results.

Chose name (URL) wisely

The age of your domain is not an important factor for ranking in Google. However, changing your URL can hurt the performance of your website.

If you change your URL, you will break all links that lead to your site unless you redirect them. Google will then have to crawl or re-index your website and you may lose your current ranking.

A fresh start may be beneficial if your pages were not ranking well on Google. If your pages are ranked highly in your field, changing your URL will only harm you.

Search engine ranking of your website

Ranking a website on the SERPs is based on what users search for. If you provide home renovation services, you’d be better off not showing up in a dentist search.

It is therefore important to understand which keywords are most relevant for your business, and how they rank on the SERPs.

SEO tools like Ahrefs can provide detailed information on your keywords, including their Google ranking. Define the keywords you want to use, and how they should be included in your content.

Test the speed of your site

Google gives higher rankings to pages that load quickly. When your website is fast and easy to use, it will encourage users to stay longer on the page and return. Other websites may also link to you.

Google Analytics can help you improve your Google ranking

Google Analytics is an online tool that Google has created for website administrators. You can track registrations, conversions, and keywords on your site, along with traffic trends, load speed, and other factors.

It helps you to improve your Google ranking. Google wants to give its users a great online experience. To achieve this, Google prioritizes sites that can meet this goal.

Google interprets a good experience as low bounce rates, fast load times, long dwell times, and high click-through/conversion rates.

These metrics are available in Google Analytics and tell the search engine whether users find your site useful.

Title tags

A unique title tag (H1) for each page of your website tells Google that you do not have duplicated content. Include your keywords in your title tag to improve your ranking.

This is because the title tag tells Google what the page’s about. Title tags should not exceed 60 characters to display fully. Experiment with different keywords.

Meta descriptions

The meta description appears below the title of a page when it appears in Google SERPs. This information informs Google bots as well as potential visitors about the content and purpose that is on a page.

Meta descriptions can be used to establish your company’s credibility, show your products and services, or encourage users to take action. Include your keyword once and make it concise, precise, and striking.

Enhance the structure of your website

An organized website will have all of its pages and content arranged in a logical order. It shouldn’t be more than three clicks to get a user into the most important part of your site.

Good web architecture can help you in two different ways:

  • This will reduce the bounce rate of your website by making it easier for visitors to find information.
  • It allows Google to crawl pages faster.

Improve your Google ranking by having a responsive site

Google gives a lower rank to websites that aren’t mobile-friendly. Mobile users will abandon websites that don’t function or load properly on their mobile devices.

Keywords naturally

Google uses artificial intelligence and a sophisticated network of neural networks to understand human language and produce results.

It is not possible to increase your Google ranking by writing content solely based on keywords. The context is also important when it comes to keywords. Content should be well-written and complete.

Focus on featured snippets

Google answers many of the queries before you visit any website. These can be lists, paragraphs, or tables that appear at the top of a search in a Google-branded box.

This information is usually (but not always) extracted from the first and second results of the SERPs.

The featured snippets are more clicked than the first search result. This means that this position can improve your Google ranking.

Improved Google ranking will help you to generate more traffic and, therefore, more customers.

All of this information and tips can be overwhelming for you. But no need to worry. Contact us at Digital Specialist and our experts will help you to implement all these steps.