10 Best Laptop For Teaching English Online

Are you an English teacher and require a credible laptop for teaching online? If you're confirmed for all these things, then this article on the best

Are you an English teacher and require a credible laptop for teaching online? If you’re confirmed for all these things, then this article on the best laptop for teaching English online is for you. We are all going through a very challenging phase of life these days due to a pandemic. That’s why everyone is required to work from home to protect themselves and others.

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Working from home as an English teacher demands a powerful laptop with superb performance like bikes but also has an HD webcam for video conferencing. For first-time buyers, it is definitely a tough task to buy a laptop for teaching because every laptop is designed for a specific job. In this post, we have fetched some best laptops for you after a deep and tiring research by ourselves.

The review of the ten best laptops for online English teaching below:

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1. Dell Inspiron 15 i3567:

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Dell Inspiron 15 i3567 is the best laptop for teaching English online when it comes to price, power, and size. Moreover, the powerful processor and integrated GPU increase the worth of this laptop by manifolds. Additionally, you can easily teach students because of its compact 15.6-inch display and long-lasting battery.


  • It encompasses an Intel built 7th generation processor which enables you to perform heavy tasks other than teaching effortlessly like Chromebooks
  • Moreover, the battery timing of this laptop is fantastic, which is ensured by four-cell Li-ion compact battery
  • Further, the resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels permits you to zoom files and study material to teach students like monitor for reading
  • Besides, the 8 gigabytes of DDR4 onboard memory and 256 flash technology storage device makes it perfect for academic job
  • It also has an HDMI port which enables the teachers to teach learners on a big screen by utilizing this port
  • Nicer design
  • Excellent for daily web use
  • Budget-friendly choice
  • 802.11ac enabled
  • LED touchscreen display
  • A little heavy in weight
  • No DVD optical drive

Why choose this product?

If you are short of money, but in search of an economical laptop, then you are covered here. Moreover, the durable plastic body and touchscreen display take the whole teaching experience to another level. So, for mid-range buyers, this device is not less than a gift.

2. Apple MacBook Pro 16″:

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Apple is now the leading face of electronic and digital devices. That’s why the inclusion of its gigantic power laptop like MacBook Pro 16-inch in the list was obvious. Its high-resolution power of 224 pixels per inch makes it even more potent than vertical monitors. In short, we can say that it’s the perfect balance of design, performance, and matchless attributes.


  • It accomplishes Intel-powered i9 latest generation CPU who possesses 8-cores so you can use it for out of the world complex task without latency
  • Moreover, this MacBook has six speakers which deliver ultra-refined sound without any noise due to AI noise cancelation
  • Further, the motto of this investment banking laptop is to give entertain buyers with its 16-inch Retina display like a vertical monitor
  • A classic blend of the massive amount of onboard storage, efficient memory, and durable keyboard makes it one of the best laptops for teletherapy
  • As we know, the peak performance of any device generates excessive heat like this one, but 35 percent wider heatsinks resolve it
  • 35 percent larger heatsinks
  • Brilliant quality AMD graphics
  • With a big retina display
  • It accomplishes Core i9 CPU
  • Supports up to 6k display
  • Extremely expensive
  • Without DVD Drive

Why choose this product?

I can say that no matter which profession you belong from, this 16-inch MacBook Pro is perfect for any sort of work due to its stunning features that can’t be challenged. But all these appealing features come at a high price. If you’re a university professor and demands a laptop that can last for years to come, then pick this up.

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3. Apple MacBook Air 13″:

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Apple’s laptops are usually considered to be expensive and thus are out of the reach of the majority of people. Still, this MacBook Air 13″ offers the same classy features and stunning layout which Apple is known for. Moreover, this best laptop for teaching English online possesses an M1 Apple-built chipset to feed your immense processing power demanding tasks.


  • You can watch video on this laptop like lights for streaming joyfully as it features a 13″ retina display with an ultimate screen resolution
  • Moreover, it can be used for video editing and heavy gaming as it comprises 5x better GPU
  • Besides, the 2.8 pounds lightweight body make it a portable and highly compact device
  • With an 8-core powerful processor, this laptop for storing pictures is 3.5x faster than its predecessor to tackle complex jobs
  • Further, the FaceTime HD webcam with image processing makes it glorious for sharper video calls
  • Lightweight body
  • Reasonable price device
  • Offers stunning visuals
  • High-quality built-in webcam
  • Elegant display resolution
  • It doesn’t have Windows OS
  • With fewer USB ports ​

Why choose this product?

Are you in search of an individual laptop that you can carry with you anywhere you go? Then we highly suggest you consider this MacBook due to its 2.8 pounds relatively lightweight. Also, it has 5x powerful graphics that maintain your interest in teaching.

4. Microsoft Surface Pro 7:

[amazon box=”B07YNJGMH6″]


Surface Pro 7 from Microsoft is a brilliant teaching assistant not only due to its touchscreen display but also because of its tablet mode. If you don’t want to buy a MacBook just because you’re not comfortable with Mac OS, then this laptop for the vinyl cutter is a good alternative with Windows OS. Moreover, the aesthetic look and long-lasting battery make it ideal for any purpose.


  • The remarkable feature of this one of the best laptops for online ESL teaching is it weighs only 1.1 pounds
  • Moreover, the integrated intel GPU is so good that you can easily use it for video editing and multiplayer games
  • Besides, the intel built core i5 tenth Generation processor is loaded in this device for nonstop performance and convenience like office chairs
  • For multiple take at a time, it has 8 gigabytes of ddr4 memory, which is more than enough in tough situations
  • Further, its LED-backlit keyboard can be your typing assistant as it guides your press keystrokes properly
  • It can be used as a tablet
  • Unique appearance
  • Low price
  • Convenient touchscreen
  • Latest CPU version
  • 12.3″ display may be small for some
  • Detaching keyboard is annoying ​

Why choose this product?

If you are looking for an inexpensive but high-performing laptop with a light body, then you are at the right place. Moreover, it is unusual to find high features this laptop for IT has in that budget. Therefore, you can make this device your teaching companion for sure.

5. Samsung Galaxy Book Flex 13.3″:

[amazon box=”B085D2HHBT”]


Are you looking for a laptop that has unmatched processing power? If yes, then Samsung Galaxy Book Flex with 13.3-inch QLED display is for you. Because the Intel-powered i7 1067G processor is loaded in this beet laptop for teaching English online moreover, this display is a touchscreen that allows the teacher to control the device without using a keyboard, which is very convenient.


  • Quantum Dot Technology is featured in the 13.3″ compact display of this laptop for construction, which lets you get similar visibility under direct sunlight.
  • Moreover, the touchscreen display of this laptop for biology can be operated with the S Pen included in accessories
  • Besides, it accomplishes 512 GB SSD storage device to meet your storage needs without exceeding its weight
  • For long day use, it has a 20-hour long-lasting battery, and it also has a quick recharge time makes it perfect for teaching use
  • With Wifi 6 edition, you can enjoy three times faster wireless speed, which is good with brilliant connectivity options in the form of 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports and one USB2.0 port
  • QLED display
  • Mid-range device
  • Powerful Intel processor
  • With great onboard storage capacity
  • Touchscreen display
  • It’s a little heavy
  • No HDMI port ​

Why choose this product?

In my opinion, if you love to sit under the sun, then it better is to buy this. Moreover, after purchasing this laptop for cities skylines, you don’t need to worry about durability because Samsung products are renowned for their reliability. 20-hour long-lasting battery enables it to be the top-selling laptop for educational purposes.

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6. ASUS ZenBook 13:

[amazon box=”B07QXKW89P”]


ASUS ZenBook 13 is a low price laptop with promising features like the sleek design, gorgeous look, stunning performance, and high-quality webcam. All these things are required in the best laptop for teaching English online. Moreover, this laptop has teased its competitors by coming with an Intel Core i7 processor at such a price.


  • From a security point of view, this notebook has no match it features a fingerprint sensor for unlocking it, which is great for privacy
  • Moreover, if you are buying a laptop for CNC programming for transportability, then you should be happy as it weighs only 2.47 pounds
  • In such a tiny budget, this laptop is offering 3.9 GHz memory speed which is enough to fulfill your gaming requirements
  • Besides, the keyboard is LED-backlit, which is good for typing at night, and also it has stunning 1.44 mm key travel for the user’s ease
  • Further, to protect your eyes like a monitor for looks, this laptop has an ASUS eye protection feature that adjusts the brightness according to the demand
  • Good quality webcam
  • With a lot of data storage system
  • Meager price
  • With a core i7 processor
  • Sleek design
  • Without touchscreen
  • Memory is not ddr4 ​

Why choose this product?

Do you want a cheap laptop for teaching students online in a pandemic? If the answer is yes, we suggest you pick this brilliant quality laptop with a compact body. Also,  a lot of storage capacity in a laptop, then ASUS ZenBook 13 is a suitable option.

7. Acer Aspire 5 15″:

[amazon box=”B07RF2123Z”]


Acer Aspire 5 is another prominent display-sized laptop with unique features, including a powerful processor, long-lasting battery, and ultimate connectivity options. Moreover, the price of this laptop is similar as compared to ASUS ZenBook 13 but offers many powerful functions. Moreover, the perfect weight, durable body, and HD webcam make it ideal for teaching.


  • On a tight budget, it offers 3.9 GHz bandwidth which is enough to fulfill your gaming requirements
  • For protection, it features a fingerprint sensor for unlocking and locking, which is incredible for privacy
  • Besides, the keyboard of the laptop is LED-backlit, which assists in typing in the darkness
  • Moreover, the onboard 256 GB SSD device authorities the user to store as much data as necessary
  • 6-inch ultra-bright display is handy if your love to watch videos and a 9.5-hour battery helps you this device all the day
  • Perfect size screen
  • Nano edge display
  • Offers extensive connectivity
  • With flash storage technology
  • Deliver crystal clear sound
  • Only one USB 2.0 port
  • Without touch display ​

Why choose this product?

Do you aim to buy a low-cost laptop but without compromising high-end features? Then we advise you to choose this laptop. Moreover, its unique looks and ultra-fast intel-built processor make this device the best of the rest. You can quickly put this laptop in a carrying bag and carry it with you effortlessly, which is brilliant.

8. Dell New XPS 13 9300:

[amazon box=”B084R4T4WD”]


Do you crave to buy a lovely yet durable laptop with matchless attributes, then we have Dell New XPS 13 9300. This is one of the laptops for finance with such grace not only because of the impressive layout but also due to the sleek body and 13.4-inch compact display. Moreover, the display of this laptop offers 40x brightness in the daytime and 10x darkness at night.


  • 16 gigabytes of onboard DDR4 memory and 512 GB of flash technology storage device makes it perfect for educational task
  • It also possesses an HDMI port which helps the teachers to educate pupils on a large screen by manipulating this port
  • Moreover, the advanced thermal dissipation system is offered in this laptop for webcam streaming for eliminating unneeded heat for unparalleled performance
  • 10th generation i7 intel built processors are manipulated in this laptop, which shows the ultimate data processing capacity of this laptop
  • Additionally, this laptop is not made up of harmful components like cadmium; that’s why it is generous for human health as a fitness tracker
  • With 10th gen Core i7 CPU
  • Corning Gorilla Glass 6 screen
  • 16 GB DDR4 memory
  • It has a 1900 × 1200 screen resolution
  • With a proper thermal heat dissipation system
  • Bit expensive
  • Weight is heavy ​

Why choose this product?

We all know how durable are Gorilla Glass 5 smartphones but the display of this best laptop for stem majors is one step ahead in reliability as it encompasses Gorilla Galas 6 screen. Undoubtedly, there is no reason to sideline this outstanding laptop after getting to know its handy characteristics.

9. Lenovo IdeaPad 3 14″:

[amazon box=”B0862269YP”]


Lenovo IdeaPad 3 14″ is the best laptop for teaching English online, as it features a 14 inches FHD screen for vivid colors and vibrant images. More so, it gives maximum bandwidth with multi-core processing and the latest 802.11 ac wireless technology. Further, it offers incredible graphics for excellent video chatting.


  • Amazingly, this laptop features the thinnest body design, which makes it ideal for students who need a portable notebook for school, and college use like smartwatches
  • Moreover, it comes with 14 inches HD screen with 1920×1080 resolution power for clear, vibrant images and distortion-free video meeting
  • Further, this laptop works all day quietly as it comes with a quiet fanless system; it maintains its temperature without fans
  • It includes a powerful lithium-ion battery that works all day with maximum playback, and also it offers fast charging due to USB ports type-connector
  • Besides, this laptop offers a fingerprint sensor located with a webcam that recognizes the fingerprint quickly then allows you to start
  • Just 3.3 pounds weight
  • Two latest USB ports
  • Powerful performance for computing tasks
  • 14 inches FHD screen
  • With efficient power-saving mode
  • It offers just one processor
  • Optical drive absent ​

Why choose this product?

If you are browsing for a laptop with clear crystal sound which offers high-quality audio with or without earbuds, then this product is for you. Notably, it delivers superior audio to an explicit webcam for online learning. Moreover, this improved sound system gives brilliant sound during a play session.

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10. HP 15-cs3019nr Pavilion:

[amazon box=”B085B63QYR”]


Do you need a laptop for online learning with maximum storage and can tackle video chatting? If yes, then HP 15-cs3019nr Pavilion is there to satisfy you with these features like massage chairs. Chiefly, it provides 16 GB RAM to complete everyday computing tasks very smoothly. Further, it offers integrated graphics for HD displays and a brilliant sound system.


  • Mainly, this laptop features 14.24 inches width, 9.67 inches depth, 0.70 inches height, and just 4.08 pounds which creates portability in its structure
  • Further, it offers 10 hours of extended battery life, including five hours and 45 minutes with game playback, and for wireless streaming, it provides up to eight hours and 45 minutes
  • Ten gen super-fast quad-core i7 processor with turbo technology for innovative and creative performance
  • Moreover, it comes with BIOS protection that automatically checks the health of your laptop and prevents the device from lagging
  • Yet, it works with Alexa voice, which is just one voice that manages your devices all functions quickly
  • 10 hours battery timing
  • Four Ethernet ports
  • 16 GB of RAM
  • Charges quickly
  • 81% screen-body ratio
  • No optic drive
  • thunderbolt absent

Why choose this product?

Amazingly, this best laptop for teaching English online, which offers dedicated video meetings with less distortion. More so, it possesses just 4.8 pounds weight which makes it best for carrying in a college bag. Besides, this is one of the best laptops for Sims 3 and Sims 4, with PC-like power to fulfill your wizard demands.

FAQs About the Best Laptop For Teaching English Online:

Q.1 Is a laptop webcam equally good as a dedicated webcam?

Ans: It depends on the webcam quality of a laptop. If a laptop has a 720p webcam, then it delivers the same results as a dedicated webcam. But if the webcam of a laptop is not high definition, then it will not match the performance of a devoted webcam.

Q.2 How much laptop’s battery timing is good for online teaching?

Ans: When it comes to battery timing, you must be careful because, on it, the whole device runs. A minimum of 6 to 7-hour timing is good for the laptop’s battery which enables you to teach without any mess. But battery timing more than that is ideal.

Q.3 Which is the best laptop for teaching English online?

Ans: This question is pretty tricky because all these best laptops for online ESL teaching in the list are good, but in our opinion, Acer Aspire 5 15 is exceptional because it possesses high-end features like a decent amount of onboard storage and a powerful processor in a mid-range budget.

Q.4 How much onboard memory is suitable for teaching online?

Ans: For teaching purposes, you don’t need a laptop with a lot of onboard memory. A laptop with only 4 Gigabytes of built-in memory is sufficient for this chore. But it is good to buy a device with a minimum of 8 Gb DDR4 memory to help you if you want to perform complex tasks like video editing in the future.

Buying Guide About the Best Laptop For Teaching English Online:

Picking the perfect laptop for teaching is not a difficult job if you have proper knowledge about the specification and priorities. If you’re a first-timer in buying a laptop, then we’re going to help you in making a good decision. Let’s have a look at some essential features you should check before buying transcription laptops.

Display Size:

As a teacher, the most important thing in a laptop for quizzes is its display size. Usually, laptops for the dark web come in three sizes which are small, medium, and large. If you prefer a portable laptop, then it is better to buy a 13-inch display size device. The ideal option is to have a 15-inch laptop that gives mobility and better visibility at a time. Avoid 17-inch laptops because they are heavy and specially designed for gaming and to replace workstations.

Built-in storage capacity:

For teaching, you don’t need to have a vast storage capacity laptop, but it is better to have a minimum of 256 Gb onboard laptop. Because you may need to store bulky files and essential data, besides, make sure that the device you’re buying has SSD storage than HDD as it is lighter, faster, and durable.

Onboard memory:

Random Access Memory is usually referred to as onboard memory, which functions to process data. From this, it is evident that the better the quality and quantity of RAM is, the more complex tasks a laptop will perform effortlessly. Also, it is good to have a minimum of 8 Gb of memory, and its version should be DDR4.

CPU and GPU:

CPU function is to filter information like the brain. That’s why not skip checking this feature at any cost. We suggest you have a laptop with the latest gen CPU with more cores. Moreover, the GPU is referred to as an onboard graphic card that functions to give better visual quality. You can add a dedicated card as well if you’re not satisfied with the built-in GPU quality.

Webcam Quality:

The feather of the laptops for conferencing that you would never be forgotten while assessing is its webcam quality because it is the feature that enables you to chat and communicate with students. So, a brilliant and reliable webcam is a must for teaching purposes. Always buy a 720p or High Definition webcam laptop.


A teaching laptop must have an HD webcam and compact design, and these laptops mentioned above have these attributes. Moreover, you can buy anyone these best laptops for online ESL teaching without any doubt because they are tested, and we receive positive feedback from the customers.

We say that after reading the review of the laptops in the list, you have made your decision about which one to buy. If you want your suggestion, then you should go for ASUS ZenBook 13 because it has a perfect size display which offers excellent portability. For queries and issues about this post, you can approach us.