Best Camping places Near Mumbai


Mumbai, the city of dreams, can sometimes feel like a prison because of the excessive population and pollution. The heart just longs for a brief escape to a place with more peace and quiet in the midst of annoying traffic and an abundance of people. When you look up in the city, you can barely make out the stars. However, if you’re looking to unwind after a long day of city life, a fun camping trip near Mumbai is just what you need. You can always drive down to the Sahyadri range, which is only a few hours away from Mumbai, so you can feel close to nature and peace. In fact, a weekend getaway near the city sounds almost as good as a camping trip with stargazing and bonfires. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of some of Mumbai’s best camping spots. If you want to go camping at night near Mumbai, you can pack your trekking gear.

Pawna Lake

Pawna Lake camping The most popular Mumbai camping spot is Pawana Lake. Numerous millennials and tourists have been setting up camp at the sparkling lake to have a wonderful weekend. Pawana Lake is an excellent camping spot that you can choose from, and it is in a convenient location between Mumbai and Pune. People come to Pawana Lake almost every weekend to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and be pampered by the stunning natural environment. Here, you can do a lot of things, like swimming in the lake, having barbecues, playing games, sitting by the bonfire and watching the stars, and doing other camping activities. You can rest assured that the campground near Mumbai will ensure that you have an unforgettable time.

Bhandardara Camping

Bhandar After Pawana Lake, Bhandardara is unquestionably one of Mumbai’s most popular camping spots. Bhandardara, which is close to Igatpuri, frequently hosts a large number of campers and tourists who come from the city to get away from the noise and pollution. Near Mumbai, Bhandardara Lake is a popular camping spot. You can go camping and stargazing near Mumbai by driving to the location with your own tents or by carrying them yourself. Alternatively, you can sign up for one of the weekly camping tours. People who want to spend time camping and stargazing near Mumbai highly recommend it. You will have a wonderful time in Bhandardara’s tranquil setting.

Karnala Campground 

Karnala Campground The serene Karnala Campground is located just an hour and a half from Mumbai. The campsite near Mumbai is popular with campers because it is close to the popular Karnala Bird Sanctuary and Fort. To go camping in Karnala, many people drive down from Mumbai and Pune. The location offers a lot of natural tranquility. You couldn’t have asked for a better location to camp near Mumbai, with the beautiful waterfall and the birds chirping in the background. The area comes to life with exotic sounds during the monsoon season, making the location exceptional.

Kundalika Rafting

Kundalika Rafting Camp A lot of people think that the rafting camp in Kundalika is one of the best in Maharashtra. One of the best camping and stargazing spots near Mumbai is just a short drive from Mumbai. It is a popular destination for campers and adventure seekers. With trees and greenery surrounding it on every side, the location is magical. Moreover, as you enjoy stargazing with a barbecue and fire, you can hear the Kundalika river rushing in the background. For those who want to get away from the craziness of city life, the experience is certain to stir the soul. In the vicinity of Mumbai, you would have a great time camping and stargazing.

Igatpuri Camp 

Igatpuri Camp Igatpuri Camp is a lovely place to camp near Mumbai. It is tucked away by the Western Ghats. Check out Igatpuri, near Mumbai, for camping and stargazing for the perfect weekend escape from the city. Near Mumbai, there are numerous camping grounds near the lake in Igatpuri that are ideal for stargazing and camping. There are food stalls nearby, so you can either bring your own food or reserve meals. When you camp at Igatpuri, you can expect a tranquil sunset and a night of stargazing. For camping and stargazing, it is one of the best places near Mumbai.

Kolad Camping

Kolad Camping and Rafting Camping and rafting are very popular activities in Kolad. One of the most popular weekend activities for many adventure seekers who are unable to take a longer trip is to visit Kolad. Kolad is a well-liked camping spot close to Mumbai. If you go to Kolad, you can camp near Mumbai and look at the stars. Because they get to camp in the wilderness and take in the beauty of stargazing near Mumbai, many people arrive a day before the rafting activity. Because the city does not get to see the night sky filled with stars, stargazing and camping near Mumbai become a very captivating experience. You can also enjoy everyday pleasures by going camping in Kolad.

Prabalmachi Setting up camp

Do you fancy traveling and might want to investigate the Sahyadri range in Maharashtra? One of these treks to Maharashtra’s Prabalgad Fort would be enjoyable for you. It is a great deal of fun for those who enjoy trekking and is of the medium level of trekking. You can take in the lush greenery as you climb. Prabalmachi is also well-known for its popularity as a camping ground. During a trekking expedition, many people like to explore Prabalmachi’s surroundings. You could make a detour and visit the straightforward one-day trek to Kalavanti Durg while you’re in the area. Kalavanti Durg, once known as a watchtower, is easy to climb but steep. For stargazing, this is one of the best camping spots near Mumbai.