Assignment Writing And Other Ways To Use Technology In Learning

Assignment Writing And Other Ways To Use Technology In Learning

Introduction: For a few years, we have seen the world technologically advancing. As many businesses are taking the advantage of technology, teachers


For a few years, we have seen the world technologically advancing. As many businesses are taking the advantage of technology, teachers need to use the tools to create the interest of students in assignment writing and learning and keep them engaged in their studies. Institutes are required to use new and different ideas to get the students excited about what they are learning.

Every field of the world and our lives have been affected by these innovations in technology. As technology has become easily reachable, it has entered into every part of our lives in a way that whatever device we use, we expect it to be technologically advanced. Institutes have also adopted technology as an important part of the teaching process. They have introduced computer science courses so that students can learn coding and how to use the computer for projects and assignments.

Advancement in educational technology allows students to learn at a faster pace compared to the traditional ways when they had not used these tools and programs.

As now we have discussed the benefits of technology, it’s time to discuss the ways you can use it in the classroom to create an engaging learning environment.

Assignment Writing:

Assignment writing has helped students in learning. For writing an assignment students search the material related to the topic from many books and most of the time they use technology such as mobile phones or computers. It makes it easy for them to research the topic and gather and write the information. This way get a lot of knowledge that helps them for the whole of their life. Sometimes students get stuck with their assignments and are unable to get the relevant and enough material to write the assignment, so they ask someone to do my assignment.

Sometimes students do not find enough time to complete their assignments, then ultimately they have to pay someone to do an assignment to achieve good grades. Because taking help from professionals costs the students some money.

Due to the use of technology, students add more precise and detailed information to their assignment writings, and this allows them to initiate the self revisions. Hence technology helps students to increase their assignment writing skills. (Sandolo, 2010)

Gamified Learning:

Gamification helps to build a sense of achievement that leads to affect the learning of the student. It encourages the students in a sense that they get excited about moving to the next lesson because they know that they are going to achieve something in this way. When you will see the gamified learning opportunities on the internet, it will surprise you.

Virtual field trips:

Theoretically, field trips and tours are part of a great time and a good learning experience. But it is difficult to plan them out and accomplish them. Digital media provides them with the same benefits as field trips or tours without any difficulty.

Digital field trips make the students able to visit places that they have never been to before. It provides them with a good opportunity to travel universally. Also, the teachers get more variety of options to plan interesting and informative trips. Students can also get benefits from it by using it to discover the businesses and organizations they want to and interview the professionals in the field they are interested in.

Create student websites:

About a few years ago, without any experience in coding, it was impossible to have your website. Or they had to take help from someone having experience. But now it has become easy to create your website because of some websites like Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly.

Due to this improvement in technology, you can teach your students to create a website for their classes. You can ask them to use a page to submit their work and gather and manage all the information and organize all the files. They can also personalize it to encourage their creativity and self-importance. It will help the students to add it to their digital portfolio.

Online discussion:

Some institutes find it difficult to create a cooperative environment for their students. they can be suggested to use online discussion media. It can be a great technological solution for them. Applications, like zoom, can be scheduled for face-to-face weekly discussions to make it easy to contact.

Some students feel shy or hesitant in physical classes, online discussion will be a great option for them to remove their hesitation and let them participate in the class. It gives the students a platform to get the answers to their questions from their teachers as well as from students in the class. With the help of it, they listen to them carefully and get in-depth knowledge related to the topic.

The positive thing about an online discussion is that it can make the students learn and understand regardless of being distant. Nevertheless, a load of assignments through online classes becomes unlimited. As a result, students have to take help from experts for their assignments.

Use social media:

In our daily routine, social media already plays an important role, so many teachers use it for educational purposes. Different ways can be used to incorporate social media into the course. You can create a group for your class on Facebook in which students can discuss the topics or queries related to the subject. Through the Twitter page, you can keep them updated about things.

On the Instagram account, you can upload some videos or photo-based lesson plans. Educating the students through videos available on the internet related to the course can be very helpful, as they allow the students to understand the topic clearly and memorize it for a lifetime. Ultimately, this way you are uniting the students at the platform where they already are.


Educational institutes nowadays are looking for ways and ideas to provide their students with the best possible education, this is why the use of technology in education is enhancing its popularity. Throughout the discussion, we have discussed how technology impacts the quality of education.