Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek | The Two High Altitude Meadows

Ali Bedni trek boasts the best mountain vistas of any of our country’s meadow treks, including Dayara Bugyal, Gidara Bugyal, and Bhrigu Lake walk. One reason for this is the vista of Mt. Trishul and Mt. Nanda Ghunti protruding out of the meadows. Jutting out means you can see the entire face of these mountains — over 6000-7000 feet of it — rising right in front of you. The spring season on the Ali-Bedni Bugyal trip is coming to an end. Green pastures will soon emerge from beneath the snow. The journey from Dehradun to Mundoli is an adventure in and of itself. Even though the trip begins at Wan village, the entire journey to this village is loaded with breathtaking scenery. The holy river Ganga, which accompanies trekkers for a considerable portion of their route from Dehradun to Mundoli, is a major highlight of the expedition.

Point of attraction

The surprise of arriving in Ali Bugyal after traveling through deep woodlands is unrivaled. When you emerge from the shadows of the forest, you see acres and acres of green carpet spread out in front of you. Mt Trishul towers over the azure skies, providing a formidable background. Horses and their foals tear through the turf with reckless abandon, while cattle graze quietly on this abundance. The walk from here to Bedni Bugyal is thrilling! It’s a walk that entices you to remove your shoes and feel the carpet for yourself. Another destination in this meadow country is the Bedni Bugyal, a stretch of vivid green overlooking the western valley.



Travel from Rishikesh to Lohajung by car.

Drive distance: 260 kilometers | Drive time: 10-11 hours | Pick up time: 5 a.m.


Lohajung to Didna Trek

Trek length: 8 km | Trek time: 5 hours | Altitude gain: 7,550 to 8,150 feet


Didna to Abin Kharak trek via Ali Bugyal

Trek length: 9.3 km | Trek time: 6 hours | Altitude gain: 8,150 feet to 11,145 feet via 11,550 feet


Trek through Bedni Bugyal from Abin Kharak to Gehroli Patal.

Trek length: 5.60 km | Trek time: 4 hours | Altitude gain and loss: 11,145 ft to 10,350 ft via 12,550 foot


Travel from Gehroli Patal to Wan by foot. Travel from Wan to Lohajung via car.

Trek length: 6.30 km | Trek time: 5 hours | Altitude loss: 10,350 feet to 7,550 feet


Travel from Lohajung to Rishikesh by car.

Drive distance: 260 km | Drive time: 10-11 hours | Arrival time: 7 p.m.

Fitness matters

On Moderate treks, you walk 6-8 kilometers every day. The ascents and descents could be challenging. The highest altitude will be around 13,000 to 14,000 feet. You’ll come across tough patches (like snow or scree) frequently, which will require you to navigate with caution. There could possibly be minor stream/river crossings. Your goal is to run 5 kilometers in 35 minutes or less.

When is the best time to visit?

The ascent and descent of Ali Bedni Bugyal are both of moderate difficulty. July through September is the greatest time to hike these pathways. The pleasant weather and mild precipitation make this a highly recommended monsoon hike. During the day, temperatures normally vary from 6 to 15 degrees Celsius, with significantly cooler nights.

Level of difficulty

Despite the fact that the summit is relatively low in elevation, we encourage a good degree of physical fitness. The long route of 20 km must be done in a short period of time can be difficult for beginners. We strongly urge hikers to prepare physically and emotionally for this climb. All parties will be advised by our professionals about trekking equipment and any upcoming terrain during the route. Any necessary medical aid will be available at any point along the journey; nevertheless, trekkers must contact their professional care before embarking on any hike. We also highly advise hikers to educate themselves on altitude sickness and to alert our teams as soon as any symptoms develop.

Climate conditions

Weather conditions vary depending on the time of year trekkers visit. From July to September, daytime temperatures are moderate with significantly colder evenings. The monsoons in these places are moderate, making trekking conditions ideal.

Is it safe?

Concerns about Ali Bedni Bugyal’s trip safety among beginners are understandable given the trek’s high altitude. We have estimated all of the probable outcomes if something goes wrong with the schedule. All of our specialists work hard to provide trekkers with the best experience possible. We encourage hikers to be mindful of the path and high-altitude medical issues before embarking on this beginner-friendly trip.

Closer mountains obscure the vista of seemingly infinite green pastures, adding to their allure. The nice aspect is that these trails may be finished throughout the monsoon season. While the majority of the Himalayan region sees heavy rain and fewer visitors, these burials provide a welcome reprieve for any monsoon holiday. Beautiful blooming greenery is a sight not to be missed.