A Guide to Metaverse Gear to enter the Mirror World

A Guide to Metaverse Gear to enter the Mirror World

The Metaverse is a promising technology that will allow humans to explore new realms and interact in real time with others. Users can enter this immer

The Metaverse is a promising technology that will allow humans to explore new realms and interact in real time with others. Users can enter this immersive and customisable 3D virtual space and create their own events and meetings.

As the buzz around it increases, a crucial question that potential users have is

 “How to enter the metaverse?”

Since it’s a technology, we would require some hardware and software to enter the mirror world. A primary device is a VR headset. This enables a full 360-degree mirror world experience. There are metaverses which you can enter via a PC or smartphones as well but to experience the fullness of a 3D space, VR gadgets are must.

Another interesting gadget is the Haptic Gloves. These VR powered hand gloves offer sensory information and full body mobility. This makes the VR Metaverse experience even deeper.

As the metaverse evolves, we can expect better versions of wearables as well such as wrist bands or AR contact lenses.

The metaverse will open up new avenues for metaverse learning, shopping and even business transactions. Through avatars, users can explore new avenues and professions, buy and sell metaverse lad and host events.

However, the best and most immersive use will depend on the type of metaverse gadget used. In this post, we will take a look at some of the most popular and in use devices being used to access the metaverse.


A PC is easily available with most users. It’s the most easily available device a user has access to. However the experience will depend on the high computing power, high end graphics, storage and networking capabilities. Each metaverse platform illustrates the exact specifications so it depends on which mirror world a user would like to enter.


Again another easily available device. And yet again, a user has to consider the metaverse platform and match it to the smartphone capabilities. Some famous platforms are compatible with smartphones, while some are not.

With smartphones, users can play metaverse games or even avail AR experiences. There are certain challenges that a smartphone presents especially with display. Mobile technology has always kept pace and since it is a preferred mode for most users, smartphone companies are seeking to create the next generation of mobiles.

AR Glasses

Augmented Reality technology has been in circulations since a while. Popular apps like Snapchat or brands like IKEA have made it a well-known technology. AR glasses are an upgradation and offer unique digital experiences that blend into the digital world.  AR glasses enable users to have the experiences of both the mirror world as well as the physical world. Some popular AR glasses include

  • Google Glass
  • Snapchat’s Spectacles
  • Magic Leap
  • Microsoft’s Hololens

VR Headsets

VR headsets will offer interactive and immersive experiences the most out of all. Besides being costly, they present some challenges like being bulky or heavier to wear for longer periods of time. However, the last few years have seen progress and the spurt in sales of VR headsets points towards that.

  • Data from IDC shows that the AR and VR market grew by over 91% in 2021 with 11 mn units.

The most popular headsets include

  • Oculus Quest 2
  • HTC Vive Pro 2
  • Valve Index

Haptic Gloves

VR Gloves or Haptic Gloves are fitted with actuators and motors which offer resistance on touch. They allow users to identify an object with the extra perception of touch. This allows for a more realistic experience.

VR Bands

Wrist bands are definitely a comfortable and convenient way to enter the mirror world. The sensors on the band identify the users hand movements and with the help of ML adapts to the user’s real time actions.

 Important Consideration when selecting Your Equipment.

Before finalising the gear to enter the mirror world, do dwell upon

Budget: There is an entire range from costly to budget options. Depending upon goals and requirements, users can decide the budget.

Resolution and Audio: Higher and lower resolutions VR headsets will offer different experiences.

Mobility: Some headsets are wired which may cause some restrictions.

Hence, it is necessary to consider these features depending on allocated budgets and requirements before selecting the gear.

We hope this guide has been a helpful metaverse learning resource and explained the various ways on how to enter the metaverse.


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