7 Most Family-Friendly Attractions in Shimla and Manali

7 Most Family-Friendly Attractions in Shimla and Manali

Himachal Pradesh has many sites to explore the glory of nature. Shimla and Manali are the state's most popular hill stations.You will find evergreen f

Himachal Pradesh has many sites to explore the glory of nature. Shimla and Manali are the state’s most popular hill stations.You will find evergreen forests, rolling valleys, breathtaking lakes, and pleasant weather here. There are some tours and travels that offer comfy deals to visit Shimla and Manali. You can get a couple tour packages from Ahmedabad to Shimla Manali with the best options online. These trips also provide a budget-friendly option. Moreover, you can get to visit many attractions in Shimla and Manali with these deals.

1. The Ridge of Shimla

The Ridge is very well known as the heart of Shimla. It is in the centre of the hill station and famous for its sights. This wide, open street is easily connected to spots like Mall Road and Scandal Point. The snow-clad mountain range and summer festival make it a famous place.

You will witness the mountains that rise against the sky to border this town. This place is also dotted with British buildings that offer shopping and eateries. Moreover, the bars, cafes, and shops make it a social hub in the region.

2. Kufri, serene surroundings

A ride of about 40 minutes from Shimla will bring you to Kufri. It is also one of the must-visit places in Shimla. Kufri, with its height of around 8000 feet, offers scenic views of snow-clad mountains. This town is also a thrill hub other than sightseeing.

Kufri offers training and facilities for winter sports like ice skating and skiing. You will find green valleys during the warmer months and white snow during the winters here. Moreover, this town experiences regular snowfall during winters, which makes it a famous place.

3. Green valleys of Shimla

Green Valley is a breathtaking natural site between Shimla and Kufri. It stands true to its name. The valley is set against snow-clad mountains and forests of pine and deodar. This valley is away from touristy crowds and full of greenery. It is a place to witness nature in all its glory.

Therefore, it is one of the best places to visit in Shimla for couples. Moreover, this place has been featured in a number of Hindi movies. The summer is the best time to visit this valley.

4. Chadwick waterfall

Chadwick waterfall is set within the Glen Forest of Shimla. It is one of the most stunning sights that nature has given to Shimla. The fall makes a dive from a height of around 80 metres and cascades down. This place also offers enticing sights with its lush greenery formed by deodar and pine trees.

The monsoon season is the best time to visit here when the water level increases. You must select this place while buying a couple’s tour package from Ahmedabad to Shimla or Manali. Moreover, you can take a dip in cold water or splash around.

5. Hadimba Devi temple

Hadimba Devi Temple is also known by its Indian name, Dhungari Temple. This gorgeous ancient shrine was built by Maharaja Bahadur Singh way back in 1553. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Hadimba, who was the wife of Bheem. You will find the wooden artwork on this temple is different from most of the temples.

It is set on a rock and revered by many local people. This temple has stunning artwork of a cone-shaped roof with wooden walls and doors. Moreover, the surrounding cedar trees and snow-clad peaks make this temple worth visiting.

6. Vashisht hot water spring

Vashisht Temple is a place of great religious belief. The Vashisht village is home to a gorgeous temple set amidst the Himalayan ranges. It is believed that the temple has a history spanning more than 4000 years. You will find wooden carvings, antique figures, and paintings in the interior of the shrine.

Moreover, the presence of the hot spring makes it even more unique. Many local people also believe that the water holds healing power. The place also offers modern-day tourists a glimpse into the old history of Manali.

7. Jogini waterfall, a scenic place

The Jogini waterfall is a short trek away from the main town of Manali. You will also get scenic views on the trails that lead to this fall. The trails offer glimpses of the Beas River and the snow-clad mountains of Rohtang. Apart from its scenic settings, it is also an important place for pilgrimage.

You can visit many old shrines around the pool at the bottom. Early morning is the best time to spend more time at this scenic natural spot. Moreover, you can enjoy tea and Maggie from nearby cafes here.

Why visit attractions in Shimla and Manali

Shimla and Manali have been the most popular and famous hill stations among tourists. The locations of these hill stations are also unique in their own way. These are the top attractions and sights to see in these stations. Moreover, these attractions in Shimla and Manali will make you want to visit again. You will also get to enjoy thrill sports in the valleys of these mountain stations.