6 Things You Usually Do That Can Harm Trees

6 Things You Usually Do That Can Harm Trees

Are you wondering why the trees in your yard look different than usual? Sometimes, we don’t realise that the things we do daily can have a huge impact

Are you wondering why the trees in your yard look different than usual? Sometimes, we don’t realise that the things we do daily can have a huge impact on others. Even if you don’t intend to harm anything, the result is not what you expect.

Some homeowners believe myths about taking care of plants and trees. Unfortunately, some of these myths aren’t safe enough to maintain healthy trees. So before doing things around trees and plants, make sure they won’t damage any of them.

One of the most popular misconceptions to protect trees is girdling. Sure, wrapping the tree looks protective enough, but you may not realise that the tree will get strangled in the long run.

Do you want to know the other common things you do that can harm the trees around you? Don’t hesitate to check the list below!

1. Caring too much

It’s not just for trees. If you care too much for a person or other beings, you might end up hurting them. As you may know, trees must be fertilised. However, there’s such a thing as over-fertilisation.

For instance, if you put too much mulch around the tree, you might end up suffocating it. So instead of achieving your goal of having healthy trees, a negative effect may occur.

When adding mulch, you should be aware of the right amount depending on the age of the trees. If a tree is too young and you put mulch that’s enough for a grown tree, you might end up harming it.

2. Hanging things using nails and wires

Whether you’re decorating the tree or adding a sign, it’s not advisable to use anything that can create holes in the tree trunk. It’s because when the tree trunk has been opened, it can be exposed to pests and diseases.

So instead of maintaining a healthy tree, you’ll cause serious problems that only experts, like an arborist, can solve. And sometimes, when a tree has been left open for a while, the only thing left to do is to remove it.

If you can’t avoid decorating the tree, you can use other lighter materials instead. But even when you’re using a soft yard, don’t seal it too tight to avoid leaving marks.


3. Improper pruning

Do you prune your tree? As much as it’s therapeutic to garner once in a while, try to leave the pruning part for your arborist. Sure, you can remove a couple of dead little branches and leaves, but when it comes to pruning, you should know what you’re doing.

For instance, if you prune a tree too much, you can either hurt it or kill it. If you think you’ve done a great job at first, you may be gradually killing the tree as you continue to prune it by yourself.

Aside from the technique, you should also have the right tools to prune successfully. If you don’t, the tree may suffer.

4. Doing things that affect the roots

There are many things you usually do that can damage the roots. Even if you’re just tidying up your lawn, you may not notice that you’re hurting the roots of the trees.

The roots of trees are important. They may die if their roots are damaged. So if you run the lawnmower, make sure to look out for exposed roots. And sometimes, even if there are no exposed roots, there’s thin soil covering them that can easily be removed when heavy equipment ran over them.

Unfortunately, when the roots get damaged, it would be hard to deliver nutrients to every part of the tree, which may result in being unhealthy.


5. Planting too close to each other

Even though you have the tallest tree in your yard, if you plant other trees or plants around it, nutrient deficiency may still occur.

Some plants tend to be more aggressive than trees. And if you noticed some yellowing or withering branches, it can be a sign that a tree can’t get enough nutrients needed to survive. So if you see some plants nearby, try to relocate them.

Meanwhile, if you’re unsure, you can call an arborist, and have them check the tree.

6. Not having regular checkups

Even trees need regular checkups. If you neglect them, there’s a possibility that they won’t survive. If you don’t see anything unusual, it’s necessary to set it at least twice a year.

But first, you need to find a certified arborist in your area. You can ask your friends if they know an arborist or search online.

After that, have an initial cheque-up to see if the trees around you are in great shape. If not, let them do the right things to fix your trees. If everything goes well, you can contact them whenever you have tree-related concerns.

Now that you know the things that can negatively affect the trees around you, it’s time to practise doing the right things. Don’t forget to share some tips on taking care of trees by leaving a comment below!


Aliana Baraquio is a web content writer working for Sydney Tree Solutions, a company that provides tree removal and arborist services throughout Sydney. As a writer, she is passionate about providing good quality articles that help readers make the right choice.