6 Of The Best Christmas Social Media Campaigns – All Wrapped

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells. 

Christmas is almost here. The lights, bells, and Santa’s gifts… everything is festive. 

The most exciting time of the year also brings the most exciting time to market your products and services to your customers. Brands make special efforts to promote their products. In case you are struggling, we are here to help you. 

Therefore in this blog, we are talking about the best Christmas social media campaigns. So stay right here and read this blog to know more about it. 

6 Of The Best Christmas Social Media Campaigns

#1 Christmas Hashtags

During the time of Christmas, every brand goes crazy with its marketing. To stand out from the crowd, you can launch a branded hashtag. Under this hashtag, you can organize a challenge and ask your followers to participate. To make it more effective, you can also give some discounts to the participants. 

You can name it something like this: #YourBrandNameXChritsmas 

It will make the audience understand that the campaign is seasonal and create gravity to participate in the campaign. 

Late on, you can use this hashtag to display on your business website. It will help you create credibility for your business. When you showcase your successful hashtag campaign on the website, it also helps you create social proof. 

Use any social media aggregator tool to embed hashtags on your website. Luckily these tools are code free. It means you do not have to add a new member to your team to manage these tools. Moreover, they also help you customise your widget’s overall look. So you can also personalize the look to the Christmas theme. 

#2 Take Advantage Of Use Generated Content 

In case you are unaware, user-generated content is any content created by your real users. It can be a picture, video, review, or even a blog about your product. In this digital era, it has become essential for brands to have UGC, as the content from real customers improves the credibility of your business. 

We are sure your branded hashtag campaign will bring customer-generated content for you. You can use this content to showcase the social media widget of your hashtag campaign on your website. Simply create a widget using any social media aggregator tool, and you are good to go. 

This way, your website visitors will not have to leave the webpage to scroll through your social media. 

#3 Create A Unique Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is a time of sweets, gifts, and happiness. People love to share gifts during this month. 

Therefore, we recommend you create a gift guide for your customers.

No matter what business niche you belong to, whatever you sell is giftable.  

Whether you are a product-based or a service-based business, tell your customers your products/ services can be gifted. Remember that your product is already in demand. You just have to fit right into the demand. You can also create a different Christmas gift guide for different target groups. 

During this time you can also launch some discounts and offers. 

#4 Countdown To Christmas

We understand you cannot offer gifts on the 12 Days Of Christmas. Two turtle doves and three french hens would make no sense to your customers. 

Instead, you can launch a countdown sale for your customers. You can also launch an advent calender gift or sale for your customers. 

Apart from that, you can also provide loyalty points, vouchers, and trial-size products during these 12 days. It will help you create enough buzz around your brand. 

#5 Run A Giveaway

A giveaway is the best way to connect to your target customers. And what’s a better time than Christmas?

Christmas is the best time to become the Santa of your existing and target customers. It is also a great way to boost brand awareness and create user-generated content. 

Here is how you can run an engaging Giveaway: 

  • Choose a handsome prize. 
  • Decide the entry criteria. 
  • Set the judging criteria.
  • Set a deadline. 
  • Announce the winners. 

#6 Collaborate With Social Media Influencers 

One of the most efficient ways for brands to build their social media presence is through influencer marketing. Because influencers have a sizable and devoted fan base, working with them around Christmas could help you raise brand awareness and boost sales.

Influencers can provide sponsored content for you, or you can work with them to produce gift packs containing the things they love. Gift sets encourage clients to purchase multiple things simultaneously, a surefire method to increase sales.

Wrapping Up 

Your Christmas marketing efforts will thrill clients and not just add seasonal “noise” online if you use all the concepts and layouts we’ve given you here. With the arrival of this winter season, encourage sharing and foster connections, and you’ll attract repeat business and increase conversion rates. Everyone around the globe buys gifts for their loved ones which ultimately increases the business. Every business owner from small to big keep patience whole year thinking that in the end everything will be alright in the end. Hope this campaign idea gives you a new perspective into how you can integrate the successful campaigns into your marketing and also open new door of possibilities for you to increase business.